Current Development

This page give an outlook of what can be expected for the next version. Usually features, which are mentioned here can already be found in the repository, though in an early, very bug ridden state.

For version 0060 can be expected:

0059 only has the ability to see jpeg comments no modification yet. Some very grave bug interfered with my time table.

Actually before I will add the jpeg comment modification I want to clean up the code a bit. Every few month a refactoring works wonders for code quality. :-)

Nevertheless, 0060 will have a new feature, which was requested ages ago: Export for portable devices. A special export widget will allow to define a fixed width for portrait and landscape images, scale all images in an archive and export to a user defined destination folder. Furthermore it allows a limited format conversion. All readable images can be exported to jpeg, tiff, bmp, png and a unimportant few more.

I would not want to read my comics on a tiny portable screen, but I have seen on several forums a couple of request regarding portable devices, so there seems to be a demand for such and similar features.