The Database

The database...nice part, if it was finished already. Unfortunately... I am simply too slow. But don't worry. I will complete it.

Database? What database exactly

I use PostgreSQL.

PostgreSQL? Yuck, why not mySQL

Simply I am more experienced with PostgreSQL. But if you really like mySQL better...Don't forget, ComicMaster is open source and GPL. Start coding ;-)
No, really. It can be done. It is not that difficult to add mySQL support. Maybe later....much later.

What are the capabilities of the database?

Erm, currently it is a write-only database. *blush*. This means you can enter data, but ComicMaster is very VERY limited in its abilities to present the data.

What exactly can I do with the database now?

You can: This is all information, which you can add in the 'Base' widget of the database tab. See:Database base widget

But there also is a complex database tab. In this you can: