Default Keys

Space Toggle 2x zoom
c Control Centre
f Toggle max. window
g Toggle full screen
h Fit height
n Next archive Actually next file according to file system.
o Original size
p Page dialog Not for general use.
q Quit program
r Rotate image 90 deg. Temporarily
s Toggle scrollbars
v Previous archive Actually previous file according to file system.
w Fit width
d Delete page
s Save page
Page Up Next page
Page Down Previous page
Left Arrow Scroll left
Right Arrow Scroll right
Up Arrow Scroll up
Down Arrow Scroll down

Known Problems:

Previous archive / next archive: It is actually previous and next file according to the filesystem, which not always coincides with the filenames and the desired reading order. Don't know why this happens sometimes. According to the code and my understanding it should be the expected alphabetical reading order. I am working on it.

Page dialog: Database plugin is needed. Extremely bad tested. Will change.

Rotate image 90 deg.: Not a problem at all, but a feature.