The Control Centre

Primarily ComicMaster is about watching images (or reading digital comics). It is not about watching fancy menubars and buttons. Therefore all of those are hidden by default. However, ComicMaster is a very feature rich program and has plenty of controls. They are all put into the Control Centre. There are two ways to get the Control Centre: In doing so the Control Centre below opens: ComicMaster archive manager 1

The Control Centre give access to all of ComicMaster's features.

Display Configurations

ComicMaster archive manager 1

Keyboard Configurations

In ComicMaster all keyboard commands can be redefined. I added this feature, when I installed ComicMaster on a laptop and almost broke my fingers using it with the default key layout. The image below shows the controls, which are used to change the key layout.

ComicMaster archive manager 1

The reset button brings the layout back to the 'factory settings'. Unfortunately this is currently necessary whenever a new key command is added. The whole thing is still not very user friendly. To change a key, click on a number in the left most column of the command table. The command name and the current key setting appear in the upper left two input lines. Click on the lower line and press the desired new key for the selected command. That's all. The new key is active at once. To save it for all future sessions, press the 'make default' button.

Oh yes, combinations 'ctrl-key' or 'alt-key' are possible too, but a bit tricky to enter. As I said, the whole thing is not really user friendly, yet.