The swiss army knife of the digital comic world

I admit, swiss army knife of the digital comic world is at the moment slightly exaggerated. NOT ANYMORE

What is ComicMaster?

Initially ComicMaster was a slightly worse clone of QComicBook, which is still a great program for reading digital comics.

However, for me it was not enough. The pure viewing capabilities are great, but I missed things. What I missing was something like an archive manager and of course I wanted to sort my comics in a database.

So can ComicMaster really provide this little extra?

Not 100% but it already makes organising comics a breeze. If you look at the SourceForge project page, you will see, it is still (after two years) labelled 'pre-alpha'. What does this mean? Simply I don't know yet, what really will be implemented in ComicMaster and how it will look like, even after two years I constantly have new ideas. I am practically still in my personal 'requirement elevation' phase. Unfortunately my free time does not correspond well with my ideas. But as long as I don't get paid for ComicMaster I am not in a hurry. :-)

Formerly I wrote ComicMaster is for masochists only, who don't care that things, which work today tomorrow might not exist anymore. That's not totally true anymore. The pure viewing stuff is quite stable. The database and configuration files still change a bit, but it is no problem to reenter a few settings. I'd say the advantages the use of ComicMaster has slowly outweight the disadvantages of being far from a mature program.

What can ComicMaster do?

What can ComicMaster not do right, yet?

It has a working database plugin for PostgreSQL, but I am too lazy to use it. This means the userinterface is crap. Currently I am working on a way to add comic data to archives while reading a comic. Entering comic data should be more or less a coincidental side effect of normal managing or even reading procedures. I think I am close.

It allows to add XML info to archives. The problems are the same as with entering data in the database. The solution will also be the same.