The Viewer

Opening/Writing Archives

Though the viewer does not have all the features other comic readers have, I don't miss much. Usually I try to code things that way that I don't need the keyboard and do need as few mouse clicks as possible. To save mouse clicks I wrote my own fileselectionbox:

ComicMaster archive manager 1

This fileselectionbox is a fairly standard fileselectionbox. Folder can be put per drag and drop into the bookmarks widget to the left. Right clicking allows to delete or rename a bookmark. It is the same as in other programs, e.g. as in Firefox.

It has a history list which contains the last ten visited locations, which are NOT also in the bookmarks list, which I would regard as redundant.

It has an entry field for filenames/pathes, a list for limiting the displayed file types (unfinished, currently fixed to rar, zip, cbr, and cbz).

Of greater interest are the three buttons in the 'custom button' area:
The newest addition to this fileselectionbox are two buttons for the path inputline, which are labelled '+' and '-'. A text in the path inputline can be selected (highlighted) with the mouse. If the selection is a number, the + and - buttons become active and allow to increment or decrement this number. For instance, if the text in the inputline is 'Duperman.0410.cbr' and the 0410 is selected, the buttons allow to increment or decrement this number. The same is possible using the mouse wheel. Saves some keyboard input.

Whenever a fileselector box opens to read or write an archive it tries to 'guess' what the most logic folder for the operation is, i.e when the box is opened in read mode, it opens in the same direcory, from which the last archive was opened. If it opens in write mode, it opens in the same directory where the last archive was written unless it recognizes the group to which an archive belongs to.

This behaviour is part of the organising capabilities of ComicMaster. See Grouping/Managing Titles

An archive can also be opened directly from the command line:
ComicMaster <somefile.cbr>


Though the viewer itself has no visible controls (I want to see comics and no fancy menubars), is has quite a few 'invisble' controls.


The controls are opened with the 'c' key, if it was not redefined. Alternatively the control center (image below) can be opened by right clicking somewhere within the display area. See Control Center

ComicMaster archive manager 1